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You wait ages for one then two come along

Ludovic Lemaignen of ASK Consultants leaps on board both


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For he’s a jolly good Fellow

Ivan Vince of ASK Consultants is now a Fellow of IChemE


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ASK launches energy waste reduction service

New Energy Monitoring & Targeting service to launch this month.

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Green citizenship award for nearest and dearest

The boss's daughter is honoured for climate change reports.

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ASK bats for winning team in Oval inquiry

£35m redevelopment of cricket ground finally approved.

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Flash gadgets for ASK subscribers

All ASK subscribers will soon have access to a nifty flash point calculator.

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Safeguarding garage workers

Protecting workers from the hazards of fuel replacement procedures.

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Bomb squad’s robot finds cause to celebrate

Contents of a mysterious package sent to a courthouse in Utah revealed.

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Where's Gaia?

The boss’s daughter is travelling the world to observe the effects of climate change.

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HSE plans new approach to societal risk

New methods for calculating risk in land use planning are unsound.

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