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Energy Monitoring & Targeting

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Now is the time to save energy and take controlTurn off the lights

Energy consumption and its associated costs are controllable.

Energy prices are high and significant waste exacerbates the cost. Further, the Government has committed to ambitious goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, goals which will increasingly be translated into legal obligations on companies.

To help you meet these challenges, ASK Consultants has launched a new energy monitoring and targeting service. With XS Detect, you can reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.


XS detect will reduce energy wastage

XS detect is an Energy Monitoring and Targeting system that delivers actionable energy-usage information through the analysis of accurate measurements. After all, it’s true that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

See here examples of the benefits of particular applications of XS detect.


How does Monitoring and Targeting work?

Very briefly: Monitoring and Targeting is a cost-saving management technique designed to detect and diagnose excess use of energy, water and other resources. The technique uses the fact that the rate of consumption is related to measurable driving factors, such as weather and levels of production output.

The Carbon Trust gives a full explanation of Energy Monitoring and Targeting.


How does XS detect work?

Defining waste as the excess of actual over expected consumption, XS detect will help diagnose the underlying causes of waste by examining anomalies in the relationship between consumption and its drivers.

The XS Detect service begins with an initial meeting to gain a broad understanding of your operation and establish:

  • Types and numbers of consumption streams to be monitored, preferably via weekly meter readings. The first and most obvious, for example, are electricity, gas, heating oil and water. Ideally, about 60 data points per stream should be available for analysis.
  • Relevant driving factors for the streams monitored. These depend on your type of operation. For example, for space heating/air conditioning in an office building, energy use would normally be expected to depend only on the weather. In a factory, weather may still be important, but there are likely to be further driving factors, linked to production. ASK Consultants will provide the weather factor and will help you define any production factors.

Following the initial meeting, ASK Consultants will carry out a one-off campaign to establish ambitious but achievable targets



Following this initial campaign  XS detect monitors performance regularly, on receipt of your metering data (at weekly or monthly intervals ideally), to detect signals of unexpected consumption, and sends out alerts of waste ranked according to excess costs. This “overspend league table”, which energy managers have found invaluable in focussing their diagnostic and troubleshooting efforts, is a unique feature of XS detect.

There’s no capital investment, just a one-off charge for initial analysis and target setting, and a nominal cost for regular monitoring. And you don’t have to do any of the analysis yourself. Just send ASK Consultants the data.


Contact ASK to discuss and investigate ways to reduce your energy consumption and operating costs.


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