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Major Accidents to the Environment
by Ivan Vince

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Other selected publications from ASK's expert consultants:

Nixon, W., Bottelberghs, P.H., Vince, I. et al, (1995), Environmental risk criteria for accidents: a discussion document, European Commission (DGXII) Contract no. ERBEV5VCT940417.

Tomi, D.T., Vince, I.M., Matheussen, D., Bishop, R., (1992), EML - Estimated Maximum Loss from explosion and/or fire: guidelines for assessment in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, London: International Oil Insurers.

Vince, I.M., Vovelle, C., Weinberg, F.J., (1984), 'The effect of plasma jet ignition on flame propagation and sooting at the rich limit of flammability', Combustion and Flame, 56, 105.

Hayhurst, A.N., Vince, I.M., (1977), 'Production of 'prompt' nitric oxide and decomposition of hydrocarbons in flames', Nature, 266, 524.

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