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ASK launches energy waste reduction service

Posted on Oct 05 2009
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ASK Consultants is launching a new Energy Monitoring & Targeting service designed to enable clients to cut costs while enhancing their Corporate Social Responsibility policies, in line with Government targets for lowering emissions.

Companies are frequently unaware of the unnecessary wastage that occurs due to inefficient or faulty energy systems. Following a one-off campaign to establish targets, the service monitors energy performance, ideally on a weekly basis, to detect signals of unexpected excess consumption. The service facilitates diagnosis of the underlying causes of waste and thus can dramatically improve efficiency.

The techniques underlying the service are approved by the Carbon Trust.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this new service”, says Senior Consultant, Ludovic Lemaignen. “And the timing – during the run-up to Copenhagen – couldn’t be more appropriate.”

The service will be available from ASK Consultants starting in October. Watch this space, or subscribe to receive our autumn newsletter.

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