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ASK Gives Evidence for Funeral Pyres

Posted on Mar 24 2009
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Today, the High Court will hear evidence, including statements from Ivan Vince of ASK, on behalf of the Anglo Asian Friendship Society, in support of its battle to legalise open-air cremations in the UK.

If the Court rules in the Society's favour, designated funeral pyre sites will be created across England and Wales, allowing Sikhs and Hindus to organise open-air cremations in keeping with religious tradition.

Last year, Government officials objected that emissions from the proposed pyres would cause a public health risk. But quantified exposure modelling carried out by ASK, using monitoring data from the recent foot-and-mouth pyres, indicates that there is no significant health risk from a traditional cremation carried out under the conditions proposed by the Society.

Ivan was interviewed by CNN for a news programme about the case.  See the video below.


For further details of the case, read the news story from 2008. A full case study will be available shortly.

Read a recent update
on this story on the BBC.

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