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Fire extinguisher van melts... in fire

An employee of a fire extinguisher company found himself in an ironic predicament when his van caught fire while he was working inside Forsyth Central High School.

He said he had 40 fire extinguishers inside the van, adding: “That’s plenty enough to put the fire out. This is all very surreal.”

The fire destroyed the van’s engine compartment, destroyed the front tyres, and melted the dashboard. The fire extinguishers, kept in the back of the van, remained intact.

Fire Captain Jason Shivers said the extinguishers, which are pressurized, could have exploded: “Certainly, the potential exists for a catastrophic rupture, but fortunately what they contain is a harmless dry, chemical powder.”

The above report is reproduced from the Hazards Intelligence newsletter, HInt, with kind permission from Cris Whetton of ility Engineering.

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Image: pinkfloyd

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