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About Us

ASK Consultants has been providing independent expert advice on issues of health, safety and environmental risk for over 25 years. Based in London, we operate as a team of independent experts, with an established associate network covering a range of specialist areas, from ecotoxicology and explosion modelling to software and environmental engineering.

Our experienced consultants have worked extensively within the energy, transport, manufacturing and waste industries, advising major companies such as British Airways, BP and Augean as well as governments and international agencies. Over the years, we have supported major hazard inspectorates in Hungary, the Ukraine and Mauritius and advised the UK Ministry of Defence on safety risks to the public from storage of hazardous chemicals and to the environment from firing rockets. We have also provided expert witnesses for many legal cases, and postgraduate teaching and training in the UK and abroad.

We have taken part in investigations of major accidents, such as the explosion and fire at Buncefield in 2005, and in related research projects. In 2008, ASK’s Ivan Vince published a practical guide to the environmental aspects of major hazards legislation.

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